Customer Reviews

I recently obtained a home loan to finance my home purchase through Lakeshore Financial. In a few words it was an awesome and painless experience. Naseer was very patient and mindful of our needs and wants. Never pushy, has extensive knowledge of the lending industry and is always a phone call or a text message away. We closed our loan with an excellent rate a few weeks back. I would gladly recommend him to my family and friends. Great service!

I have refinanced multiple properties, many times with Lakeshore Financial. It is nice to have someone honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable to deal with in financial matters.  Naseer at Lakeshore has always given me the right advice for my situation. Each time Naseer delivered the quoted or a better rate and every time without any closing costs. I would strongly recommend Lakeshore Financial to anyone looking for mortgage professionals, who know their stuff, would listen to you, and deliver on their promise.

My husband and I went through a short sale 3+ years ago when the economy took a hit.  Naseer was fabulous as he guided us step by step through the process to find our new home. Not only did he assist us with finding a local realtor, he kept us in the loop on where we were in the process and what to expect so we could be prepared.  He was very patient with me and all my questions. I would gladly recommend Naseer and Lakeshore Financial to my friends and family for all their mortgage needs. Very Professional and knowledgeable.

Lakeshore Mortgage and Naseer have done all of my loans over the last 20+ years. When I need a loan or refinance for my main residence or rental property, I look no further than Lakeshore.  They are very professional, thorough, and present a range of options and programs to choose from.  They listen and let you make the choice which is best for your circumstances.  They are never pushy but are very meticulous and do all the busy work and follow-up to complete the loan process.  They keep a data base of all your past loans and have data ready to go if you need to start another application. This is a small company so they are dedicated to the individual customer.  I have recommended them to my friends and family and they have always come through with low cost (many times zero cost) loans and low rates.   I recommend them highly with no reservations!

I have been a customer for the past 15 years because of the service.  It is great to have someone manage the entire process for me and always keep my best interest in mind.  He has saved me a lot of money and prevented me from doing silly things.  Highly recommend Lakeshore…

There are three things that I look for when it comes to money: honesty, trust and best price. I got all three at Lakeshore Financial

I recently sold my house and bought another through Naseer with Lakeshore Financial. I was very nervous as I embarked on this journey with him. I knew selling a house in this hot market would not be a problem but buying one would be a challenge. Naseer made the whole process seamless for my family. Not only did we sell our house within days but bought another when the listing agent said they would not look at any offers until a certain date. Not very many agents can do this! I was totally impressed with the experience I had with Naseer and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, caring and experienced Realtor to buy or sell their home.

My wife and I were introduced to Lakeshore Financial through a friend a few years back and have since financed our home purchase in Hillsborough and refinanced our mortgage many times through them.  Naseer has always got us a great rate with no points or fees. At several points we wanted to pay extra to buy down the rate but were advised against doing so as they thought rates were headed lower. This was great advice that saved us a lot of money as the rates kept moving lower.

Naseer is always calm and can field any lending questions. Believe me; it’s nice to hear the soothing voice of experience when dealing with the demanding lenders of today.  When you call Naseer he almost always picks up but if not he promptly calls you back. He is a great communicator and has always kept me in the loop. This means NO SURPRISES when it is time to sign the final loan documents.

Because of their honesty, I completely trust them and plan to use them for all future financing needs. I have a mortgage broker I trust.

Lakeshore Financial Inc. has been exceptionally in handling my mortgage and escrow closures. The owner is professional, courtesy, timely and complete my transactions hassle free. This company is highly recommended without reservation.

Naseer from lakeshore financial has save my family and I a lot of money! If you or anyone looking for someone who pays attention  to your needs, and looks out for you he’s your guy. Thank you. Neal Traylor

Naseer has always made saving money on my mortgage painless. He calls whenever he can save me on my loan — no money out of my pocket. Highly recommended.

I have used Lakeshore for several re-fi over the last 15+ years. Every engagement with Naseer at Lakeshore has been straight-forward and completely free of hassles. If the market gets to a point where the rates offered are lower than what I currently have, I will not hesitate to seek out Lakeshore’s help again.

  • A T. Cupertino, CA

I was thinking about refinancing and I was not sure about if I am making a right decision or not but Lakeshore Financials explained me so well that I now understand that I am saving a lot of money indeed. It was no brainer!
Mr. Naseer has helped me a lot, he is an easy going professional,I had weird working schedule and he adjusted himself and managed all refinance processes so smoothly. Escrow closed on time. Though I did not research or shop around but I am glad that I choose the right company. They are honest, professional and very helping in every aspect. I appreciate the communication, whenever I needed an answer to some question, he was available. I would highly recommend Lakeshore Financials as your lender or your next refinance company to go with.

I have worked with Lakeshore Financial in excess of 20 years.  I have always known Naseer to be honest, trust worthy, professional, knowledgeable and expedient.  Lakeshore is always my first choice when seeking any mortgage related business.    I am always confident that I am receiving the best possible cost that is available in the market.    Naseer provides excellent service and always makes himself available to his customer base.   I have personally had, at least, 15 separate transactions with Lakeshore and was always extremely satisfied.     I recommend this company hands down.

I have completed two transactions with Naseer at Lakeshore Financial over the years and have been completely satisfied on both ocassions. Naseer is great to work with as he is professional, dependable, and courteous. I am excited to enter into a third transaction with him in the near future and have no doubt that it will once again be a successful transaction.

I have had my homes refinanced and purchased through Lakeshore Financing over the course of many years. Especially when the teaser rates, negative amortizations and lending guidelines were not stringent, the Naseer advice was the only few voices of common sense and financial responsibility at time when the irrational exuberance was at the highest order.  All my transactions went smoothly and in very timely fashions. I am amazed the customer care, satisfaction  and above all follow up  — Thank  you guys —

Naseer at Lakeshore Financial have refinanced my mortgage several times over the past decade.  He is true to his word and always comes through.  I have saved thousands of dollars because of him and highly recommend him for anyone looking to refinance.

  • G B. Los Altos, CA

I’ve worked with Naseer from Lakeshore Financial for our refinancing many times over the last 15 years and he has always been honest and upfront with rates and costs. I am waiting for rate to drop before refinancing again with him but it may take some time as he did such a good job last time around.

I have refinanced through Lakeshore Financial several times and on each occasion Naseer has come through as a very professional, trustworthy and courteous individual. He is always available for consultation and goes out of his way to help with the paperwork and other details. Since I normally have a busy schedule, I depend on ethical and upright people like Naseer to look after my interests and do the right thing. Lakeshore would be my go-to company for any future mortgage/refinance business and I recommend it highly.

Naseer with Lakeshore Financial has refinanced my home several times.  He has always gotten me the best deal with the lowest interest rate possible.  He is one of the best in the business. You can always count on him to be honest and easy to work with.

Scott M. Santa Clara, CA

I have worked with them since 1995 and they are the absolute best. Best rates, best service, honest and fast. They treat their customers as if they are the most important thing and are always available to answer questions 7 days a week! They are also very sophisticated thinkers; than can guide your financial decision making with unparalleled ethics and knowledge of the markets. I could not be more positive; they would deserve more than 5 stars.
My Husband and I started working with Naseer in 2003 when we were searching for someone to refinance our home loan. Naseer patiently listened to all our needs and answered our questions. He guided us throughout the process and his efforts to get us the best mortgage went beyond his call-of-duty. Since our first refinance, we have refinanced our mortgage with Lakeshore Financial many times. Our latest refinance transaction just closed this month and we couldn’t be happier.